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Ceramic Coating

Why ceramic coating is the best way of protecting your car

There are so many ways of protecting your car to ensure that it lasts longer and has the same look that it had when you were buying it. At Pristine Auto Protection is one of the places where you can get to choose the type of coating that can apply to your car. One of the coatings that you should consider is the ceramic coating since it has more benefits. However, some car owners do not know why ceramic coating has been the best type of car coating. However, to make it clear, the Pristine Auto Protection highlights the following reasons to the car owners;

It protects your car from UV damage

When the car paint is exposed to the sun, it starts fading and becomes dull with time due to the effect caused by oxidation. When your car has a ceramic coating, your vehicle will not be damaged by the sun's UV rays since the ceramic coating reduces the oxidation rate.

It protects your car from stains

When your car is exposed to chemicals, it begins to react with the chemicals and with time, your car gets some stains. This will take you some effort to remove the stains that are brought about by chemical reactions. However, it will be tough for your car to get any chemical stains when you have the rock chip protection.

It is easy to clean

Rock chip protection repels water since it is a water repellant. Therefore, when you have the ceramic coating on your car, you will create a hydrophobic layer that ensures that water beads on the surface and slides smoothly from the body when cleaning the car. This makes the rock chip protection to have a self-cleaning effect.

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